Meet up with Nightmoves

In 2006, I met up with Nightmoves (Edrik) for the M30 SoCal meeting we had.

As with everything, we had a got busy and lost contact. A decade later, we reconnected on Instagram. I’d tag him in pictures of this meeting.

I kept throwing the idea of let’s meet when I go down there. He always said to let him know. We even talked on the phone recently.

When I decided to go to SoCal, I let my brother know whats up and he said he lived by Petersen Automotive Museum (another place I’ve been wanting to check out).

After meeting with Alec, we drove a little bit of an hour to get to Los Angeles, then to Peterson’s Automotive Museum. Edrik would come couple minutes later.

While Mark did some shopping in the store, Edrik and I went inside and started taking pictures of the cars. I will make that another post.

After leaving, we decided to on eating some Vietnamese food, Edrik lead us to Culver City. We ate and conversed about cars, typical guy stuff.

We all used to talk on the forums, but we didn’t know each other in person. So to finally meet with each other, especially with Mark, it was OG


Thanks brother! Let’s do this again!!!