Meet up with True Kaido M30

In the beginning of 2017, Alec hit me up and we talked about M30s. He had purchased one and told me his vision and ideas. I always remind people that parts are scarce for F31s, Leopard parts, but moreso stock Infiniti M30 parts. He did the right thing by trying to find the cleanest M30 he could.

Alec’s M30 is Kaido influenced. The difference is that Alec doesn’t imitate what he sees online, he has been to Japan and his friends there are Kaido racers. They tell him all the REAL details for Kaido style. In Essence, his M30 isn’t split between styles, his M30 is getting the purest influence from Kaido racers in Japan.

I let Alec know I’d be in the area and if it was cool to meet up. He gave me his address and we headed that way,

While it was super hot, Alec, Mark and I had a great conversation and it was awesome to meet him and see his car. He also gave us “Pleasebecareful” stickers, his clothing brand.


Thanks for the time Brotha!

Please Be Careful