New Years Leopard meeting – Atami – 2017

Satoru sent me pictures of Mr. Takiwaki, Mr. Kubo and himself on a shinkansen. He said they are going to a Leopard meeting in Atami.

I asked him to send me pictures so I can put them here on F31club.

Satoru said there were 22 F31 owners. Many traveled without car.

But here are the cars:


L-R Mr. Noguchi’s Zenki ultima Mr. Mizoguchi’s Kouki ultima-turbo Mr. Yano’s Kouki ultima-turbo

Mr. Shiono ‘s Zenki Ultima



Mr. Sone


Mr. Tamai’s Zenki Ultima


2 thoughts on “New Years Leopard meeting – Atami – 2017”

  1. I just purchased a 1992 Infiniti m30 convertible 99,000 $850 my mechanics comming Thursday to check it out. I love the style of the body of these.

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