Part 2 The Hills of San Jose – May 2006

Next day, I work up early to head to Sacramento to get my exhaust done. Jordan from A1 Mufflers crafted my VIP exhaust!  After 4 hours, I headed to Jacy’s place to meet up with him and wash my ride really quick. My M30 was really dirty. After that we headed to Daly City to meet up with Ricky.

There was a and meeting in San Jose (45 minutes away).

Ricky couldn’t make the meeting because of a family issue, so Jacy got some directions and blasted down the highway and we made it to the location at the mall.

While there, I called up Burkchris (Chris), but he couldn’t make it. I then called Hotversion (Andy), but he was busy.

I then called Brian and Brandon and they rolled up shortly to the meeting.

Brian, Brandon, Jacy and I at the San Jose Nissan meeting.

After the meeting and pictures,  James (from Nissan Pacific) said that we should do a touge run… So we went to the hills of San Jose.

On the way down, James, Brian and Brandon were hauling ass (going fast). I was 4th, then Jacy and then my other friend with a 240z. I had to slow down because my brakes were freaking hot as hell. I can smell them. I also didn’t turn enough on one tight turn and almost went over the edge… But I did have fun and I was very gitty (excited)!!!

After that, Jacy had to head home and I went to Golf land to meet up with Brandon, Brian and James.
We then went to Q cup and chilled til like 1 am.. then we called it a day. Gave my goodbyes to them and headed home (Seattle).

This was taken from the forums post

History – Oct 2006 Meeting : GET EXCITING!!!——- the meet up pix!!!

Brandon commented

Yeah man, this past weekend has been super dope.

friday i came up to autornd in milpitas to get my fenders rolled and to meet up with brian and do a little shopping at eastridge mall. then met up with my buddy who we planned to stay with that night. later that night we watched x man, haha slept 1 hour through it so its no biggie.

the meet up with roger and JC was chill, we drove arround and found some good placed nicly lit up just for us.

thanks roger for making this all happen, and like i stated before its a shame that more of us couldnt make it but at the same time im satisfied and the turn out of what we made it was good. thanks again roger, jc and brain for coming out.

thanks for hte pics as well.


My comment

What I really wanted for myself was to meet people and cruise and not have this weekend go to waste.. and it didnt.

I really wanted to meet everyone including you and Chris (burkechrs) kuz I think we all would have had fun. I was hoping we could all roll together.. but for being a first time getting f31s together, i didnt think it would have fell perfect. I was hoping, but just like JC said, just the 4 of us made it really fun.

Not only was this suppose to just help out members (JC’s bumper) but also know people and have that “offline” meet.

It was really one of those weekends that, and I thank you guys, we sacrified some extra cash (gas or food) just to kick it and have fun and everything was kool.

the touge run was awesome.. we tripped out on the bulls coming outta nowhere.. Its one of things that wish others could have experienced.

Not only that, but it builds the morale of the club to show that we were willing to meet up in person.



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