Kyushu Mission part 1 – Shooting Star

I contacted Shooting star on FB after he showed his F30 Leopard. I have NEVER seen an F30 Leopard, so I asked him if I could see it if possible. He said yes. I was hoping time/date didn’t get lost in translation. I also promised Rick M that I would try and ask about parts availability as he needed a corner lamp.

After taking the Nanakuma subway line from Tenjin station to Hashimoto station, I messaged him I was there. He rolled up in this Cresta. It was pretty awesome to see and he was very welcoming!

After a quick drive, we arrived at his house. There I saw Route 202 cars. He started his Z31 (RB20) and then moved his F30 Leopard (SR20DE swapped) forward. I took a ton of pictures!

I asked if he still had to work and he said no. He asked what I wanted to do and I replied with another question. I asked if there was a tuning shop nearby, he made a call and said his friend’s shop was open, but he would need an hour.

So we went for some ramen nearby. Then we met up with his friend who has a 280z and headed to the tuning shop.