Leopard GF31 Late XS Turbo AT Honshu Vehicle Muffler Full Aero Lowdown (Diana kit) on YAJ

Wow.. how coincidental!! When I was looking into the Diana kit, Noguchi-san told me his friend USED to have a black Leopard with full Diana. He sent me pictures. But it was a long time ago the owner is now a BMW owner.

But he said there have been a couple rumors that the car was in Okayama. The car I believe is originally from Takamatsu (south of Okayama).


This car was one of my leads to a Diana kit. Obviously it has changed because I got a kit from another source and again, through Noguchi-san.

The car went the distance!!!

Kagawa > Okayama > Hokkaido

Hokkaido!!! Very far!!!

The coincidental part.. this car pops up a week after I got my Diana kit.



There’s still a few more days left on the bid. I do know a few Leopard owners really want the Diana kit, so I hope they buy the car. If my friend wins this car and only wants the Diana kit, I will ask to buy the car. He has an Ultima that he is slowly restoring.

But it’s crazy how the Diana kit and the car I was chasing popped up!


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