Project Diplomat – Diana kit arrival

As always, I looked for a cheesy way to name a project lol.

The Project Car Magazine M30 with the RB25det was called “Project Leopard” in the article… I went with that name.

But coming up with a cheesy name is easy. Giving it a meaning and depth is something else.

I’ve traveled to Japan for F31 meetings and in doing so, I’ve met a lot of leopard/M30 owners all over Japan.

I’ve also talked to many F31 owners in Russia, Europe and Oceania.


I remember Renny saying I was an “ambassador


I thought it was interesting as Ambassadors are so high ranking, they are almost ministers. I don’t see myself like that… so I want to play off the diplomat. 


The Diana kit has finally arrived and I picked it up yesterday. It’s been a year in the making. The interesting thing is… it was honestly a build I never thought was possible.

In 2019, I pieced together a zenki front end for my M30. Then I asked for the Red Kaido Leopard parts (verbal agreement). I kept thinking about a sports build (Project Leopard) and the wild build (Kaido racer), but then a VIP build would have set it off in my mind.

Unique and era correct builds with a car people don’t care about lol.



Anyways.. was amazed at the quality of this kit throughout. It is true craftsmanship!


Fog lights were made for this body kit. Version IV.


The side skirts and door panels also replace the side moulding. Ikuta-san had the body shop cut the side skirts top part where it did replace the moulding. So I will have to fiberglass that back together.

The 3 piece wing is super sharp too! My good the quality of this kit is amazing. The end caps and wing fit perfect. But it covers the trunk emblems


Of course the last pieces.. the bumpers themselves.

I haven’t had a chance to fit it.. but I think this weekend I might!