Infiniti Dealership Challenge – Pacific North West

An impromptu trip to the Pacific NW (Oregon and Washington state) for Thanksgiving weekend was happening. It is a 12hr drive from San Francisco. The theme of the trip was Emerald City Prowl, which meant I would be going around Seattle.

On the way up, I looked up at the dealerships and found these:

  1. Beaverton Infiniti (Beaverton Oregon)
  2. Infiniti of Tacoma at Fife (Fife, Washington)
  3. Infiniti of Bellevue (Bellevue, Washington)
  4. Sound Infiniti (Kirkland, Washington)
  5. Infiniti of Lynnwood (Lynnwood, Washington)

Thursday morning (Thanksgiving day), we started to head up to Portland. Once I got there, there was some traffic, but it was mostly the opposite direction. I mapped out the directions to Beaverton.


Thanksgiving night, after having dinner, I drove to Infiniti of Tacoma at Fife. This was the Infiniti dealership I used to visit back in 2004. I was trying to get a new digital climate control and hood for my M30 after I bought it. That is when I heard the “$1000 for a climate control unit, if we even have it!” and $600 for an M30 hood (if they had one).

I was going to continue to the other dealerships, but it was raining pretty hard and with my wife and kids in the car, I didn’t want to chance an accident with them. So we drove back to my parent’s place in Olympia.

Friday night was the last night we would be in the PNW. I wanted to leave Sunday morning, while my wife wanted to leave Saturday noon. So it was settle that Saturday evening would be the leaving time.

We were going around Seattle on Friday morning to afternoon. It was a busy day and then we headed back to Olympia. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to hit the remaining 3 dealerships unless I sacrificed some time. I waited til about 1230 am and decided to go to Bellevue, Kirkland and Lynnwood.

It was early morning and the highways and floating bridge were clear!

I hit up Bellevue first:


I then headed to Sound Infiniti (formally known as Kirkland Infiniti), but it looks like it has changed ownership again as East Lake Auto brokers… totally sucks.


Then I went to Lynnwood:


Conclusion: The PNW dealerships have been checked off!