Japanese Automotive Invitational + Lexus display at Pebble Beach 2022

It’s been a few years since I was here. I was here for the 2018 and 2019 season:

Wandering Leopard at Japanese Automotive Invitational 2018

Japanese Automotive Invitational 2019


2020 was the pandemic shutdown and I wasn’t sure if 2021 was the same.

Then I saw something that really piqued my interest, Myron was bring out the Autech Zagato Stelvio!!!!


My past experience tells me to get there early because the cars and crowd make hefty traffic in that area. So I left around 7am and got there about 9am with no traffic!!!

I was the 1st person there to start going around and taking pictures. Here is my gallery of that.

The display cars were not many compared to the previous set up. I asked Matt from Motortrend if Myron was gonna be there and he said yes. Then Matt said something that peaked my interest. He said that he saw another Stelvio in Pebble Beach’s hashtag. I went down to the other areas looking for that car, hoping to see it. After walking for a bit, there was nothing.

While I was around the area, I did check out Lexus’s display. They had some great cars there!!

I know that Monterey Car Week also has some other car related events going on, such as racing, but I don’t know where those are and typically I have limited time to do stuff.

I did take some more pictures of the Stelvio, which I will make a separate post.

Shout outs to @motortrend and @infinitiusa and of course my friend Myron!