Wandering Leopard at Japanese Automotive Invitational 2018

I caught wind of this from Japanese Nostalgic Car website talking about the RMMC (Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion) and that some famous Nissans were gonna be there, but most importantly, the R390 GT1 road car.

Unfortunately since I have never gone before, I thought this was all in the same place. The JAI and RMMC were in the same town (Monterey), but I made that mistake of not following through and getting caught up in the moment.

What captured my interest, was that Super Street made a post about the M30 and one was gonna be on display at JAI. The Japanese Automotive Invitational was the first time that Japanese cars are invited. Usually it is the super expensive, european cars and Classic American cars (from what I gather).

Infiniti USA – Pebble Beach

Since the M30 was going to be on display… It would not be proper for F31club to ignore this especially with when it is relatively nearby (1.5hr drive).

The week prior was about the Mark and the California Love M30 tour!  I went to Canada for a couple days, and kept it barely F31 related by hitting up the OpenRoad Infiniti in Langley.

Infiniti USA had these awesome pictures to show!


I woke up Sunday morning (I had arrived back from Canada around 1am). I filled up my M30 and drove down to Monterey.

I was fortunate that I didn’t follow the 17 mile scenic route (where people were driving and traffic was) I followed a route that took me close to the location, but near people’s houses. I passed by a couple place asking $60 for parking. Once I got near the main road and saw the traffic, I turned around and parked at one of those houses. It was seriously less than a block away and I was at the JAI where Infiniti was located.

I’ll cover the other cars in another post, but I was there for the M30!!! Donte’ was the person at the older Infiniti display and we talked for a good 40 mins. He then took my picture with the car!


I did a walk around and live video, but came back to the M30 again and took more pictures.


It wouldn’t be Wandering leopard without my lil partner!


Here are the rest of my pictures.


You rarely see an M30 in good condition, let alone displayed outside of the museum!!! So seeing one like this was amazing and capped off a week of F31ness.