F31 milestone – Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ 1

Honestly never thought I’d see one in real life…

The Stelvio was something I NEVER thought I’d see in real life. When F31club first started, the idea was to fill the forums with information about the Infiniti M30 and Nissan Leopard. Upon researching ‘F31‘, I came up on information about the Stelvio. It was very intriguing to learn about this car (this was in 2005 btw).

Knowing that there were a limited production of these cars, I NEVER thought I’d see this car in person. Nonetheless, I put in on my F31 bucket list of F31 stuff to see.

F31 rarity

Myron bought I believe both Stelvios. The silver one he sold to a friend in Greece.

When I learned that Myron was going to bring this to Pebble Beach’s Japanese Automotive Invitational… I couldn’t believe it. I HAD TO SEE IT.

Seeing it in person and meeting Myron was such a pleasure! I finally saw a Stelvio and marveled over it.



Myron and I


It was really cool to see this car!! I hope I can see another one in the future and even see the Gavia (Wasabi Cars Dan has interviewed an owner and Carshop Friend also has serviced a Gavia).