F31 Rarity

When we talk about the F31 as being rare, it is in the context of the car not being common. We use this term with the Infiniti M30 since there was only 17,436 sold in the US.


In the case of the M30 not being a special edition car or anything, don’t mistake rare and obscure for “rare and collectible”. That implies the car is super valuable for a special reason. In the case of the M30, it’s rarity is based on production numbers and how common it is seen.

Even in Japan, 38,000 (as the F31 Leopard’s numbers were totaled) was a lower number compared to the brother cars of the R31 Skyline and C32 Laurel.

With these lower numbers in the main targeted markets (US and Japan), I always found it interesting when they get imported to other places. Europe has seen both versions of the F31 as in the M30 and JDM spec leopard, not to mention the Oceania region imported Leopards in the early 2000s.

And vice versa between Japan(possibly 30 M30s imported, 2 convertibles) and USA (at least 2 leopards documented).

So that makes those cars rare in those places too!

Even some of the trim level and items for the leopard are getting rare (but expected with older cars).

Such as the red Zenki F31.

But let’s get to the rarest of the rare! I’ve made pages about some of these cars, but it wasn’t until Rami and I connected that I wanted to write even more about “rarity” because he has an Autech Stelvio, in the US! In fact, he has documented 2! (thanks for the pictures brother!)

The Autech Stelvio had a production number of at least 110. That number was from a Stelvio website back in 2000.

Last year, someone mentioned they had a Stelvio, casually a few people asked for pictures and that person disappeared. Rami on the other hand, sent me pictures! For the purpose of this article and for documentation, I wanted to post these pictures. I’ll have to make a separate feature when Rami sends high resolution pictures.


Here is the 2nd Stelvio:

These were brought up because he was trying to get more information on the windshield and wanted to see if they were the same as the M30. Qualitatively, they look different as do the windshield etchings have different numbers.

When we started the forums, we started to look for any information regarding the F31. Jacy and I came across website that had Stelvio information from an owner.

This was something interesting that we talked about. The styling is so different and intriguing.. some people just hated it. There was also some confusion about the S13 headlights being used and other afterthoughts.

Another are version of the F31 was the Zenki leopard convertible. I was able to meet Repercon (leopard convertible) in 2017 at the 31st All Japan Leopard Festival.

If you wanted one, a company would make them for you.


Repercon didn’t know how many were made, but he bought this in 2001. He said he knows and have met one other owner that had the Zenki convertible, but hasn’t seen him in over 10yrs.

For me, this was a milestone to see, not only that, but the rarity of this car is super amazing. I wish I had a picture, but Umezawa-san parked his M30 convertible next to it and it was cool to see such a rare sight.

The last of the F31 Rarities is the Nismo Leopard.  Only 30 were made!!! It is so rare that I was only able to find one picture of it and it was the President of L Selection’s back in the late 90s. I also have asked many F31 owners if they have ever seen one and they all said no. Tami-san who is regarded as an F31 historian said he has never seen one, only the wheel cap. I was able to see Sugiyama-san’s Nismo Leopard spoiler he found a long time ago!

Depending on context, Rare can be thrown around in the F31 realm. These are perfect examples!