Visit to Rudeboy and PNW Summer touring Prep – Abbotsford BC – August 2022

Kaido racers outside of Japan is a small community. When I found out that Rudeboy was out of BC, I really wanted to meet up with Reid to see his car.

I didn’t know that Keith was there and they were prepping a secret car for the Summer touring! Within the Kaido Racer group, you’ll see people’s names and these guys are in those conversations. I was also told by Astrid (Ms Moonlight Runner) that Jon would be up for the event too.. so I had to meet up with everyone.

It was late night when I arrived to the Rudeboy compound. Reid and Keith were prepping, but conversing with me. It was super cool to see the project in the assembling stage.

I was asked not to reveal any pictures until Saturday (as of this posting, the event was 2 days ago).

Of course their cool cars were there!!

It was super cool to meet both Reid and Keith. Great guys and cool cars for sure!!!