Drove the vert and cruised in the the Gold Dragon drift M30

I went to Washington for 2 days. I was suppose to meet with a few people on my 2nd day, but my rental had some triggered 4 lights.. in which I had to take it to Enterprise and waiting to get it taken cared off. There were issues of it being a Canadian rental and they couldn’t swap it. They did take care of the warning lights and luckily, they never came back on.

Besides doing a lot of chores around the house, I wanted to take my vert for a spin. I ran some Seafoam in both the oil and gas to go through the system. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work on the car as much as I wanted to.

I called up Albert and said I wanted to see his Gold Dragon drift M30 and he gave me his address. Now, I met with Albert in 2019 with Jim. At the time, he had his white M30 as his daily.

The M30 I wanted to see was the drift car!!!


Al took me for a cruise in it and it felt really awesome. Then we drove in his G35 sedan after. But during this whole time, we were have a really deep conversation on many topics. This is where things goes beyond the car and you see the person behind it. Definitely cool and unexpected!