PNW Summer Touring hosted by Rude Boy Special – August 2022


It was the event of the PNW/CSW for Kyusha/lowdown and kaido racers. It was all the reveal of the RBS Angel Spec 200sx!

There were people coming from the US, I believe Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana. I knew that Moonlight Runners was gonna be there and even though I am not in building a Kaido racer right now, I wanted to support. I also found out that Lance/Hatagallery1998 was there and he know Boki from the 2000s page.

I had a family dinner and I was thinking of not going as it was late. I decided I would go and Lance kept me updated on the location.

Arrival to Darrel Bay

It was a quite a drive up there, but once I found the spot, Lance and i formally met. I also said hellow to Reid and Keith. Found Jon (Moonlight Runners). I was introduced to quite a few good people and was happy to converse with everyone.


When leaving the Darrell Bay and heading back to Coquitlam, I tried to go ahead a couple of times and get some overpass footage.



It was a great event and met a TON of cool people!!! Shout out to Hata Gallery, Rude Boy Special, Moonlight Runners, Checkpoint and everyone that rolled that night!