Nisei Week – Little Tokyo, Los Angeles – 2001

I was staying in Norwalk for the summer with my cousin Sid. It was an EPIC WEEK. Sid and I went to Motorex and drove skylines and we went to a few other shops, such as the new Bomex shop, VIS Racing, and Wings West.

We went to Nisei week and showed up early. We started watching people arrive and set up. We then watched Art N Motion set up and there was RJ De Vera. He was and still is a big name in the scene. He was known for his NSX. But he drove his S2000. He let me sit and take pictures in his S2000.

You can see Non also prepping his S14 240sx. At the time, he had one of the coolest S14s around. I almost want to  say Non is one of the first few that did an Sr20det swap at the time, but I can’t remember.

Anyways, some of the big teams came out. Team Hybrid, Flux, and others. Motorex brought out their cars, including a Maxima that was converted to look like an R33. Signal Auto showed their drag race skyline. Bomex showed a ton of cars too (this was when they came to the US).

The reason why this show was awesome besides what was listed above, tons of industry names and models, and Fast and the Furious 1 was coming out…

No, what made this show pretty cool was that it was a good mix of well done show cars with wide body modifications and tail light conversion Hondas and tons of Toyota, and Mazdas that were kept clean and “JDM” styled.




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  1. Hey again! 😀 Just finished going through the whole site, saved the other ’98 set for last. The 2 ’98 sets are my favourites, I love the older stuff. I think this is just my nerd OCD talking but, just to confirm, this whole set is Nisei Week of 98? Right, you already told me camera stamp was kept true. Also makes sense, RJ’s S2K doesn’t have the stars yet. If you have anymore old stuff, I love to collect it. I also enjoyed going through Chronicles.

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