Japanese Classic Car Show – JCCS – Long Beach 2019

JCCS (Japanese Classic Car show) is one of those shows I have been eagerly wanting to see. I always see cool cars and how the event is set up though various social media posts and blogs.

So this time, I decided to go to Long Beach (I live in San Francisco). I drove down Friday night and had my hotel a block away from the event’s location (Marina Green).

Saturday morning there was a huge line to get in… mainly for security searches and what not. But after that, nothing but car bliss.

Typically, I try to take pictures of every car, but I got pulled away a few times to meet with friends and then my little one had an allergic reaction, so I had to cut my experience short.

While I did some most of the cars, I didn’t snap as many as I wanted to. I didn’t snap the Mazdas and Daihatsus I think, just because I kept moving in different directions. I wanted to meet Peter Brock (BRE), but again I got cut short on time.


But here is what I did get.

Overall – a very good show. My goodness, the Datsuns came out!