#YEAROFTHEVERT The M30 convertible ownership experience VHS tape + youtube link

Since most of us are newer (even in 2004), we didn’t experience the M30 when they first debuted (at least not anyone I know). So the M30 has mysteries surrounding it. Often times, someone would pop up and say, “this came with car when I got it from the original owner” or when an M30 sold, additional items are found or last but not least, searching an M30 in the junkyard yielding treasures and often more questions.

One of those items is the VHS tapes of both coupe and convertible. It’s weird, sometimes you see them and pay no mind and then when you want to get it, it’s suddenly a rare item. Nobody has one or they want too much for it. Or they lead you on and disappear.

Since it is the Year of the Vert, the VHS tape was something Mark (strikevalk) and I have talked about for a long time. He finally got one after asking a few people to purchase it with others disappearing or following up.


He actually uploaded it to youtube to check out as well:


Not to long after, Roger V (hachiboy) said he has one that he found in an convertible that was in the junkyard years ago. He said I can have it and sent it to me! While most people don’t even care, these forgotten items are important to the few F31 enthusiasts around, especially the vert owners.



At least 2 VHS tapes are in the collection and not being destroyed or ignored.