7th annual Shukai in Japantown – San Jose 2019

Shukai is a free event held in San Jose for the last 7 years. The purpose is to help highlight Japantown in San Jose (one of the few on America) and also support the local and small businesses of the area.

I missed last year, but when I heard that Adam Saruwatari was gonna be there with his RX7, I had to…HAD TO go. This car was one of the Nitto posters I had on my wall in the 2000s. Pictures are at the end!

Anyways, went and checked it out! Here are the pix.


The Prelute – I was able to talk to Song for a good 15 minutes about the process and his ideas of the car. I love ute conversions and most of the time, it’s usually a quick hack to get the looks. But few and far between, this was one was done properly!!!


Of course, Shukai is a great show to check out, but this year was also significant because Adam brought the “7” out!