Impromptu F31 meet up in San Francisco

I’ve been busy lately and I’ve been waiting for the M30’s cooling parts to get in (mainly the bleeder screw).

I looked on Instagram and seen that Greg (DynastyF31 on the forums and Sakura_garage on IG) was in San Francisco. I contacted him and said Sunday night could work, but play by ear.

Gil has also contacted me not too long ago and asked if anyone wanted his M30. Of course I always try to get people to keep their cars. He said his God son (Caleb) was going to take the car, but space fell through. Also someone hit Gil’s rambler, so the M30 had to get out of his garage. Gil calls me and says he got it running and I told him, I might head towards that way and meet with him.

I then called Malik and see if he could meet up Sunday and he said it was a go!

I needed to test my car to make sure it is not overheating or spraying coolant from some place (made a post about it), and after checking everything it seemed like a drive to SF would be good measure!

While I was on m way to meet with Malik, I contacted Rich (M30drift on IG), he was in San Jose, so he couldn’t meet with us. Malik also contacted Derek who had a vert, but sold it recently.

I met with Malik near the San Mateo Bridge.



We caught up and was about to leave when a guy asked for a jump. We helped him out quickly and headed to Gil’s spot in Hunter’s Point. While on the way there, I messaged Ricky that we were nearby.


Once there, we went down the street and took pictures!


After that, Malik headed home (he worked that night), Gil, Caleb and Ricky also called it a night. It was good to catch up with them.


I still had one more mission to do, I had to meet with Greg (Sakura_Garage/DynastyF31). Greg gave me the address and headed there.

You have to understand, that 13yrs ago, we met in SoCal when we had an F31club meeting in 2006

Southern California Meeting – Nov. 2006

It has been 13yrs since then. We reconnected on IG a few years back and even missed each other in Japan in 2016. But since we reconnected, we’ve talked about M30s a lot! LOL. I’m just glad he still has his M30!!!

We caught up and I had to ask some random guy that was kicking in with friends inside of a parked car to take a picture of us. Dude was probably lit! He didn’t focus or hold the camera straight, but I needed to get the snap!