Wandering Leopard in Hollywood

Hollywood is a tourist trap, yet a place that can be visited to enjoy. Everything here has a higher price tag to it and opportunists will charge you for anything.

The Walk of Fame is something that every tourist loves to see. Find if your favorite celebrity has a star and visit it. There are tons and I didn’t have time to visit all the stars I wanted. I just went along with my family and took pix of the ones I found on the way.

The one’s I did take a picture with are one’s of people I felt had a huge impact on me in some way. I didn’t take pictures with a few stars because I was also watching my little guy.

But the little pictures I did take, let me explain them:

Capitol Records Building

One of my favorite bands.

Didn’t realize Hustler store had their own stuff, but Ron Jeremy had one! LOL. Yes he is a porn legend, but I remember on The Surreal Life, he seemed like a level headed guy.

She has been a celeb crush since the movie “Something about Mary”.


Come on… It’s Bulitt!!!

I love his style of witty humor.. from Van Wilder to Deadpool!

I grew up on Bill and Ted, but damn was the Matrix and John Wick dope series!

This is next to the Dolby theatre

Hollywood Blvd


I can’t explain enough, this place is a tourist trap for anything!!! But I do regret not getting some Hollywood stuff.