Visit to T-Crimb May 2017

A year ago, I was looking at Toyota Hiace vans (I’m a huge fan of them) and came upon T-Crimb’s video done by a guy named Steve (on youtube).

I followed additional videos and found T-Crimb at a few Sendai events.

When I looked for T-Crimb and seen the shop was in Sendai, I really wanted to stop by.

When I arrived to the shop, Shindo-san was out getting some parts. He came 10 minutes later and gave me the okay to take pictures!

He pulled out their demo Hiace. It was pretty big. A Grand Cabin Hiace.

Shindo-san cleaned it up, turned on when the ICE system and lights… It really was a work of art!

The inside was seriously like a house on wheels. It is pretty much a van dweller’s dream.

See for yourself!


Shindo-san also had a R33 Skyline sitting out front. I asked him about it and he showed me some videos on youtube. He uses it for drag racing.

Shindo-san is a great person and his shop had a few Hiaces. I was very impressed with their demo Van because it was super luxurious and well put together.

Thank you Shindo-san.