Visit to T Selection – Sendai – May 2017

When I went to the Estima Meeting in October (2016), someone mentioned T Selection to me. When my friend in Sendai said he would meet me after his work, I figured I would see what was available near there. Sure enough T Selection wasn’t too far.

One of the Van Kulture brothers, Dell, posted a previa that was being turbo charged. This slipped my mind, but it wasn’t til later when it was pointed out to me. I figured it was still a project. Keep this in mind.

When I got to T Selection, I wanted to see the vans that were built. I was surprised to see other cars that were built such as Celsiors and a Kei car. The manager gave the okay to take pictures and I started with looking at the Estimas. I saw this blue slammed one and started to take pictures. He then opened up the sliding door, with custom hinges. He then showed me it was a PREVIA (not an Estima). But let me point out why it was interesting.

  1. Preiva
  2. Dual sliding doors with custom hinges
  3. Dual charged (turbocharged added)
  4. Converted to manual

I started to asking questions and he told me it was one of the few Previas in Japan. It was a well done car and as I said, I was quite surprised at all the work!


After being blown away, I started to look at the other vans and cars there. There was a good bunch of finished cars and cars that looked to be in progress.