Visit to Blitz – Tokyo – May 2017

I biked to Blitz which was deceptively further away on than it appeared on the map. Ogino-San came out and greeted me. He spoke English. While talking to him, 3 other Americans were there.

We got into discussions on drifting and older cars. These guys were expecting to see skylines and S-chassis cars.

Ogino san told them that things are changing in Japan and that many older cars are not on the road as much. He talked about the Skyline dilemma with Skylines and RB motors being exported and the domestic costs going up.

But it was kinda enforced when we looked at the cars in Blitz’s storage. They were all newer cars. Ogino san told the guys the next chassis to build was the new 86 (FRS or BRZ) as everyone is making something for that car.

After those guys left, Ogino san asked about me living in the Northwest in the early 2000s. I brought this up when we were talking to those guys.

This is where it got kinda interesting. Ogino san used to work at Fastlane and we started talking about those times and the people. He also graduated from Pierce college, which is where I had also graduated.

It was an interesting connection.