Wandering Leopard in the Garden Day 2 – #YEAROFTHEVERT

I’ve been waiting to drive and take pictures of my M30 convertible.. Even though it isn’t in the shape I want it in, I still had to go out and take some shots.


I woke up early, 6am. I go out to the M30 convertible and start to really assess the damage. When I first got the car, it was at night and I drove it to my parents’ place and immediately, I had to leave to drive to San Francisco.

Even on the Thursday of my arrival, I had to get in the vert and start driving to meet up with people.

This morning I was able to assess what needs to be done.

Vert assessment

This was hugely important to me because I wanted to come up with a good game plan. I also washed the car the best I could and clean the interior a bit. Checked the Top up and down function as well as the rear quarter glass functions.

Other than that, I decided to take the car for a some cruising! Daytime, I went to go pick up the rental and my wife drove that while I took some quick pictures at the Richmond Infiniti Dealership


Our families went to the Spanish Banks for a couple hours and the M30 just chilled at home. Once we got back, I showed the boys the TOP DOWN, VERT STYLE!!!!

I filled up gas and went out to Stanley Park, Granville Island and Morrey Infiniti Dealership.


Stanley Park, but with a smart phone camera in really dark setting.. not as good.


Granville Island… great lighting.


#Infinitidealershipchallenge Morrey Infiniti