Wandering Leopard in LA Day2: SR20store

I work up at 630am and ate breakfast. Headed to the SR20store and started to work on Project Leopard.

Hung P. showed up shortly after and we started to take things off. Also noting all the damaged areas (like bottom of the fender and rocker panel).


While doing this, my interior guys stopped by and grabbed the dashboard, front dash panel, glove box and rear seats.


Roger V. also showed up and started to work on the car.


Started to disassemble the front and take it off (including the fenders)

Put on the zenki front end for mock up:


Just in case, I brought the OEM style lip that Itabashi-san gave me. I won a Piko Racing front lip and was one of the parts stored in LA. UNFORTUNATELY, the Piko front lip didn’t fit!!! I wonder why and I will find out.

After that, we pulled off the headlights, grill and started to put on the hood. Hung also saw some weird wires and took them all out! I’m not an electrical guy, so that was a cool to get some BS wiring out.

The original hood flew open during an event. While it didn’t damage the windshield and roof, it tweaked the original mounting stuff. I brought new hood and mounting to replace it.

Radiator support was also tweaked.. Hung started to pound on it.

Greg showed up!!! That is Sakura Garage!!!

We loaded it up and transferred the parts in side the car.

We all talked briefly and Sakura Garage headed back to AZ just like that!!!


Bonus – 3 M30s together.

Shout outs:

  • Hung P.
  • Roger V.
  • Edrik C.
  • Jess (sorry you had to deal with guy stuff)
  • Greg S.
  • Chuck S.
  • Marco (SR20 store)
  • Marcos (interior shop).