Wandering Leopard in LA: Leap of Leopards day 1: B3Tuning

*Leap of Leopards = a group of Leopards


It’s been a 2 month delay because of COVID19. Finally, things have settled down and I started planning. I had too many people I have been wanting to meet up. I also had parts to bring down and pick up in LA!!!!


I had Friday off, so I had to prep everything for the trip and started to load up my Sienna. Damn it was a ton of stuff.


5 hour drive to Los Angeles!

I’ve been meaning to catch up with my cousin and he wanted me to link me with Bucky (B3 Tuning). I got to my cousin’s house and we jumped in his Subaru and went to Anaheim.


My cousin Sid has had this Subaru for a bit and it’s been a pretty cool build! Recently he’s upgraded his Turbo and injectors and now pushing over 400 HP!!!


Bucky is a super cool guy. I asked him to bench test my cluster and he did.

follow him on IG @b3tuning

Well, you have to see his car too! Pretty bad ass.





We had a few conversations and then we headed out.

I then headed out to Reseda, where I was staying the night (didn’t realize it was further out).

When I arrived, I met with my friend Luis. He actually took my packages that arrived in Japan a couple months ago.


The boxes were huge!!! But I needed the better condition fender and the hood cut most importantly!!!


Tossed the rest on top!