Wandering Leopard in LA Day 2: S12s, Miata, Jspec and Arcade Ultra

After we Project Leopard was on the way to AZ, Roger V. went to get some wheels, Edrik and Jess were suppose to come with Hung and I to late lunch, but Jess wasn’t feeling well, so they headed home.

Hung and I went dropped off my van at his house and we went to get some food. After getting some Mexican food, we came back to his place. He showed me his S12s. I love S12, just like the M30.. often ignored.

When I saw the red s12 with “Silouette Autosports”… I knew I was looking at some history! The previous owner had that website up and sold some parts. Offered the website, car and the inventory to anyone who bought it. I didn’t know that Hung bought it!!! WOW




Then his major focus!!!

Hung is a great guy and knowledgeable. He has tons of cool stuff in his collection that I won’t mention any further. Thanks Hung for helping out and showing me some cool stuff!!!

After leaving Downey, I headed to Chino to meet with Chris P. Our wives are good friends and last time I visited him, he was working on his Miata, but also had an 350z. He got rid of the Z. We caught up and exchanged kid gifts. We talked in the garage.

Chris is also an OG in the scene drifting back in the days of the early 2000s. While he is working on his Miata, he showed me some cool stuff that you just can’t anymore.

Engine with the bigger crank, HKS cams and Jackson Racing Supercharger (rebuilt too). I honestly can’t wait to see this thing get done!!! Chris gave me some tips on turbo engines and I always appreciate advice from family!

After Chino, Sam C. hit me up. He is known in the industry as the original, Jspecusa.com site. He was bringing in so much JDM stuff in the late 90s, early 2000s. He still pretty active and I love reading his perspective on the import industry back then to now! True historian and knows EVERYONE!!!.

He gave me an address to Arcade Ultra, Dave, who is good at fiberglass repairs, runs the shop. He is also is building some of his own products. Sam was picking up some 16″ Nismo LMGT1, Rare.

There were a few cool cars there as well!!! JZ swapped Rx7, Soarer and GS 300.


Sam talked production and all these manufacturing shops in LA as well as in Taiwan… it was pretty interesting and I learned a lot that night. I’m not gonna be in business or anything, but it was super cool to hear an industry insider.. and again, his perspective is amazing!!!