Wandering Leopard in LA Day 3: JDM Carboy and Wind power

I woke up and prepared everything for heading back home. Before I decided to go home, I had to go back to LA (I was in north LA area).

I had to return some channel locks I accidentally forgotten to return to Marco (SR20 store). We also had go over numbers and I wanted to look at my Tomei Arms Turbo.


Afterwards, I headed to JDM Carboy/Fear of Stock store. Randy and I have talked often up until JCCS. I’ve been meaning to visit his shop and the last 2 trips to LA I didn’t have enough time. We tossed ideas and talked about the 2000s era.

Pretty cool shop and I loved it. Randy has the black vert and used to own the white one too. He sold it to his co worker Geoff.. who informed me just sold it.

After that, I started to make the trek home. I did have to stop by Tehachapi, where Cameron aka Slidehappy_C (IG) was at. I wanted to meet him and say whats up.

I have to admit, the wind mill energy farm was pretty impressive!


After driving for back up to the bay area, it was near 9pm. Unfortunately, rioting in the bay area was turned up! So I went straight home as most spots were closed.