Suzuki Cappuccino Meeting – 2016

While I was looking for the Leopard meeting, it wasn’t hard to notice the massive amount of Suzuki Cappuccinos gathering for their meeting.

They probably occupied 3 or 4 times more space. I never seen so many, with different styles, that I had to go over and take a few pictures and talk to owners. One of my Japanese team members, Eita, did have a Suzuki Cappuccino, but that was long ago.

I walked over and asked owners to take pictures, they were very friendly and let me snap quite a few. They had some vendors as well.

Seeing these upclose reminds me of how small they are. While the time I was taking pictures, many of them had left, there was still a good amount of them left.

I kinda laugh because when a few of them leave, you hear blow off valves like crazy!



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