Velocity Motorsports – 2015

So around this time, I wasn’t active into tuning as I didn’t have a car to work with. My wife and kids were staying in Vancouver BC taking care of my nephew while my sister in law was finishing up school. I stayed in San Francisco working and studying.

I was going almost every other weekend I had a chance to escape to Vancouver BC. While there, I decided to stop by Velocity Motorsports. They sell JDM cars. They had a TCR10W Estima and a TCR10G Estima Emina, the smaller, narrower version. I have never had a chance to compare these to the previa.

So I stopped by and Alex, my friend who works there, let me check out the various cars. I focused on the Estimas, but did check out the Delicas and El Grands they had there as I am fascinated with vans. Of course they had some other cool cars. Tons of Subarus and of course Nissans.

I took my son with me so he can enjoy them as well.




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