LA trip 1/2022 – SSA Haus, Moonlight Runners and Project Leopard

It’s the end of the 1st month of 2022. I was hoping to get some idea of where everything sits with Project Leopard.

I’ve ordered quite a few suspension parts. My cousin still had the coilovers, so I met with him.


Some Fresh Riaction coil overs.


We also stopped by SSA Haus, one of his partners when they do a collaborative build for SEMA.


Later, I met with Moonlight Runners, Jon and Astrid


While I gave people a heads up weeks before coming down, I was focused on the suspension on Project Leopard and knowing he status of the RB25det.

Marco called me the morning of me stopping by saying that his family has COVID and he is staying home. Safety first, it just sucks that I’ve been waiting for this motor to get done. Last few weeks have been ordering all the stuff he tells me.

So I head over to Hung’s place to mess with PL. Edrik stopped by and they swapped in the suspension.

I then had to go over the body work that still needs to be done.

  • Clear coat drips on the door
  • Driver side fender not clear coated (egg shell)
  • Gas cap not painted.
  • Dents not fixed.
  • Damaged running board area still rough (even though I pushed it out a bit.)

I also know that the hood, aero, mirrors still need to be done for the car.

I also noted that I need to get some door rubber. For sure, if an M30 hits the junkyard near me… it will surely be grabbed for parts.


For now, that is it. It’s about to start up again and get things going.