Wandering Leopard in LA – March 2022

Project Leopard was at Hung’s place.. .waiting for SR20store to accept and well, it didn’t happen again.

Hung had to move and that left me scrambling… Luckily, my cousin Sid said the car can be stored at his place (thank you so much).

So we set it up that I would have the car towed.

Thanks to Ozzy for towing, Hung for holding on to the car and Sid for taking it!

I few down Saturday night, rented a truck and drove up Sunday afternoon. I brought a ton of parts down when Project Leopard was brought back to LA thinking the body and paint was complete.. and it wasn’t. So those parts I wanted to bring back up.

Ozzy had towed the car the day before, so I can’t think him enough!!!


In all honesty, I was frustrated with how my car was being ignored… It was very upsetting.