Part 1: Respect, Money, Priority, Communication, time- PL situation


Through out  this whole ordeal, I remained respectful. I never called any business to argue or give people a hard time.

When money was needed for labor, parts or anything, I paid right away. Why? Because I expected that money to go into effort into the car. I don’t WANT FUNDING ON MY END to be the hinderance of the project.

But most important, I RESPECT the business deal.

I NEVER REFUSED TO PAY AT ANYTIME. There was NEVER at time when I didn’t have money and asked to put the car on hold. Never.

So why do I feel disrespected? I kept my end of the bargain up.


This car is HIGH PRIORITY for me. I constantly think about this car and want it done.. Not a week goes by where I try to get an update. I don’t want to call all the time or everyday because I am trying to not be annoying. Again, respect the time/space of the business.

But when you car and engine are worked months at a time, Of course it isn’t going to get progress.

I told Marco, even if he spends 20 mins, once a week putting something one, at least it is progress (he was waiting for the car for some reason).

Even with the chassis, if you worked on one section (like fender) once a week for maybe an couple hours, there would be progress.

But my car was regarded as low priority or it would have been done a year ago.


As aforementioned. I NEVER denied people money for their work/time or parts. I have all the texts and invoices.

While “money doesn’t build cars, people do” is true, Money SHOULD be the factor because we have a business transaction. Yes, on a personal level, I love these guys and respect them. On a business level, to keep that save level of respect, I want to make sure when money is asked, it is covered.

On that note, I never asked for free service. I just ask that business is done properly.


Anyone that knows me, I try to my best to respond to people.

  • I like communication.
  • I like to be transparent when it comes to this project.
  • I don’t like vague answers or misleading information.
  • I want to be clear and if there is anything that needs to be cleared up, let’s do that.

With each party, we had set up a plan of action… and yet it didn’t work out for some reason.

I went to AZ to help with the car and we discussed getting the windshields pulled. That didn’t happen.

Again, I was told it only takes 2 days to put the motor in. That doesn’t account for all the small stuff that needs to be bought… but that shouldn’t be a reason to totally ignore a motor for months.


I hate wasting time. I always try to do things ambiguously to make trips not feel a total waste. But people have to understand, my trips to AZ and LA are not cheap. Buying tickets, gas, hotel, rental car… are costly.

That is money that could go to buying stuff for my car. But it is also time I could be doing something else. I would take extra time to go to these places so I can help get things done on the car or engine because it seems like it wasn’t progress at all or it was a barrier that needed to be address.

The car being in AZ for 16 months costed me my window with Marco. Even though he could have had the engine done, he could have at least taken the car in and start the process of swapping.

What is also important to me isn’t just completion of the motor, but also the wiring, troubleshooting, fabrication (intercooler piping) and tuning. I lost out on those opportunities.

Now when the motor gets completed, I have to find these other resources to finish up the car.


Part 2 coming….