On a positive note – Finally got my chrome pieces from Japan

These were suppose to be the final pieces of the puzzle. Obviously, I’ve been dealing with much more pressing issues with the paint and engine of Project Leopard.


  • Sent to a shop where the Diana kit was sent. They were packaged together.
  • That shop closed down with many people’s parts in a container.
  • Stacked Exports got people’s parts, inlcuding my Diana kit. But not this box.
  • Stacked Exports went and got this box in that business’ storage.

I feel these have to be re chromed, but a good polish can make them nice.

The lens I want to make sets. It is complicated, but I have a cracked left side. These are both right side. I’ll have to take one apart, digitally mirror image it and have it 3d printed. Then I’ll have to resin cast the lens, which at least let’s me change color or do something interesting (a darker transparent tint).

Time to go all out.