Some bushings while Project Leopard is waiting

Project Leopard has been sitting for the last few months.. just waiting for the engine to happen. Hung took my steering rack to a shop to have rebuilt back in January (2022).

Hung and Edrik swapped the coil overs as well.

I opted to keep the modified knuckles, while redoing the other parts. Hung installed all of these.

  • New OEM S13 lower control arms
  • New P2M outer tie rods
  • New ISR inner tie rods 2 sets (was trying to keep it Phase 2, but everyone was out and Phase 2 was out of stock).
  • Front sway bar bushings
  • Rear endlinks bushings


The inner tie rods weren’t long enough, possible do to the modified knuckles, so I ordered the GK Tech extended inner tie rods.


The ISR inner tie rods I will use on my other M30s, so it isn’t a total loss.

While the steering rack was redone, Hung told me to get steering rack bushings. He said the ones I had weren’t bad, but mind as well get it done while there and I agreed. I forgot to order these right away (as I got caught up trying ordering parts for Marco/ my rb25det).

I went with Energy Suspension’s S13 kit (which I believe is pretty close).


I also opted to get the bushing for the Steering shaft. I kept going back and forth with what to do and decided to go with an solid one. While many people make these, I remember seeing someone using a Street Rays version on a youtube installation video and decided to roll with that.

It truly sucks to be so far away from the car and having all these small things I need to do to the car, while trying/waiting for the paint and engine situation to be figured out.

Until then, it is small things I need to take care of.