Project Leopard – Radium, Bosch, GKtech, Chase Bays, and Zero-1000

I got word that maybe my car will be taken in soon… so it’s just been such a pain. Updates for now.. Just waiting for Marco to give me the okay to take my car.

I wanted to keep the injectors mildly upgraded and wanted to use an upgraded side feed rail from P2M. But while it was suppose to be picked up and tested, that never happened. Additionally, the idea of keeping the injectors at either 550cc or 740cc side feed injectors… it seemed like everyone was out.

So I ponied up and bought a radium top feed fuel rail conversion. To go with this, I also went with Performance Injection’s modified Bosch 1000cc injectors.

Once the engine is set up in the car, I’ll start with some fuel lines.

Since I did ABS module delete, I decided to buy GK Tech’s ABS delete kit. I also bought their Engine bay brake upgrade kit.


I decided to finally get the Chase Bays power steering kit with PS cooler… of course, it’s been on back order and should be here “soon”.


And for my 2000s era and my JDM companies tributes… I got a Zero – 1000 (Top Fuel) Power Neo. RARE LA VERSION!

While it isn’t really functional.. I love old skool JDM stuff.

(not original picture btw).