Infiniti Dealership Challenge – LAX night files

This southern California trip was very limited. It was my son’s 5th birthday and we had our sister in law and her family come from Vancouver BC. I drove the 2014 Sienna all the way down and up.

Since day time was an impacted schedule, anything I wanted to do that was related to F31 had to be in the evening. Hence “Night files“.

As much as I wanted to hit all the remaining dealerships, I couldn’t and it was because of timing and location.

I was only able to visit Glendale and Tustin Infiniti Dealerships.


After eating at Maxx’s chicken in Glendale, I knew it was one of the dealerships I needed to visit. It was about 12 minutes away. I head there with our families and spent a few minutes taking pix.


Infiniti of Glendale:


The night after, we were in Anaheim, closest dealership was Tustin that I some how forgot last time.