#YEAROFTHEVERT That sinking feeling…

My 3rd trip to BC this summer. I was excited. I noticed on my last trip, I drove my M30 vert, it first had a slight misfire. I decided to bring some stuff to do a tune up.

I had plans to drive it to North Vancouver Infiniti Dealership and a few other spots such as Sea to Sky highway. My time was short as every day we were doing something or going somewhere.

I work up early to get the tune up going.


When I got outside, I noticed the glass was broken. Nothing worthy stealing in my car.. seriously… it was empty.

I felt horrible the rest of the day. I immediately started to search for one.

I had 2 spares I got a couple years back. But one was needed in Japan (which is the same one I need now).

So I messaged a few people I knew and didn’t know. In hindsight, there were a few times I could have gotten rear quarter windows, but either at the time I didn’t have need or have the right tools. Nonetheless, the regret was real! That won’t ever happen again.

I did get a rear quarter window on the way to me from John (thanks man!), but I’m also trying to secure a couple more if possible.

I am going to take each side to TAP plastics and have them come up with the design. I think having a lexan or plexiglass version to match would be great. I don’t know how the functionality of going up and down would work, but even just having something there might be nice.

Lesson learned. Grab those extra parts and find a basic, low cost alternative.