WL day 5 – Saitama, Truck shop Jet and Vankulture

I always visit my brother Suenaga-san whenever I am near. I had more time this visit.

Earlier in the day:

WL Day 5 – Odaiba and Megaweb Toyota, History Garage and WRC

I took the Rinkai line directly to Kawagoe station. Suenaga-san picked me up and we started to go over topics like we always do.

This time, I had more questions in my idea of learning regional styles of Kaido.

I also met his wife and son this time. Usually when I arrive in the evening, they are inside. His son joined us and such a cute kiddo!!!!

We were playing with roly poly bugs that were around. Just for context, I work in pediatric cardiology, so I am always around kids. I love communicating with them and observe how they learn. It’s simply amazing.

He asked if I wanted to go to Truck Shop Jet. I have been wanting to see any Jet shops, so it was exciting.

We drove maybe an hour.

As we drove, he would point out cars that have been sitting for a long time.


We finally got to Truck shop Jet. Known for parts to dress up parts and dekotora trucks.


We also stopped by a few used parts shops, nothing big like Upgarage. This one was called I Parts.


His scooters were in a magazine!!


We were waiting for a 3rd person, Taguchi-san. He arrived in the evening and we went to get some food!




Mazda vans. If you didn’t know.. I love Japanese vans. So seeing Taguchi-san’s MPV next to a Mazda Bongo to me was exciting.