WL Day 5 – Odaiba and Megaweb Toyota, History Garage and WRC

I spent the morning checking out:

Shinjuku Niagara Falls


Then Tokyo Metropolitan Building Observation


and Meiji Jingu Shrine

I was finally on my way to Odaiba to check out the Unicorn Gundam!

Unicorn Gundam and trying to hide an apple juice bottle behind me.

I had messaged Kimura-san and he said he could meet with me. He had the day off, so he said he could for a few couple hours. Which was perfect. I was gonna visit History garage by myself, but to hang with Kimura-san, it would be even better!

History Garage set up was very era correct! It was old Japan feel to match the cars.


Then we checked out the WRC stuff!!!


The last part was Megaweb Toyota. New cars, test drive track, Gazoo Racing cars display…. More than I expected!!!

Between Megaweb and WRC, it was a shopping center, so I saw a village Vangard, and checked it out!

Tomica F31!!!


It was time to head to Saitama. Kimura-san Thank you for meeting with me brother!