WL 2019 Day 4 – Hakone Touring in Leopards – Leg 4

The last part of the tour, was going to Atami beach line. This is where Kuze-san and I would break off the group. While the group headed back to Forest Hakone hotel,

Kuze-san would drop me off at Atami station and he would go pick his daughter at his parent’s house.

It was a much longer ride here, with more uphill and eventually going into Atami’s downtown area.


We would go along the coast and park at this off the shoulder parking area.

When we arrived, we said our goodbyes. I only know a few people here, so I took pictures with them. I didn’t know the model, but she was gorgeous!

Always, Kuze-san for meeting with me and taking me around! Sato-san, it was good seeing you again. Tamai-san, wish we took a picture together, Good to see you again Kubo-san. Kato-san, great to talk to you. Suzuki-san good to meet you roomie, Tommy – I am always glad to see you!  Mr. K, thank your for event.

Kuze-san took me to Atami station and I headed to Tokyo.


Thanks again Kuze-san!!!