JDM Zenki F31 Leopard Front end arrival!!!!!

It’s been a 7 month journey, but my parts finally arrived! I got a call from Aaron at Wolfreign Motors and stopped by to pick it up.

The Zenki front end has been a goal since the earlier years on F31club. At the time, parts were cheaper, but we also didn’t have 3rd party companies to work with. I depended solely on my friends in Japan when it came to getting parts on Yahoo Auctions.

One such piece was a pair of Zenki headlights. I thought maybe I could do a custom front end to match it (as people used to do tons of front end conversion in the early 2000s). It never happened and the headlights stay stored in WA.

In 2017, I met Itabashi-san and he asked me for some M30 parts. Since I try to save stuff and what not, I had no qualms sharing with M30 owners in Japan. I told him my ideas, but I NEVER want to put any type of responsibility on anyone. If anything, I just ask for info. When he said he would help me, I was happy. After all, he is the first M30 to make into a Zenki F31.

In November of 2018, I had everything! It was just getting it state side. Alec W. gave me some info about an Osaka Company and actually Lucky gave me info on a company here. Find out they are partners, so it worked out!

I’ve been trying to get stuff over here since that day and finally, as of 6/25/19, it has arrived.


Now, these are old parts and I want to make sure it is all good. So I will make these solid before I put them on. The whole point of rebuilding this car is to make it new. So I want everything done right.