WL2019 Day 1 Osaka

What many don’t understand about my trips to Japan is that it is friend centric and based around their schedules. I had scheduled to the trip starting in Osaka. I really wanted to explore Den Den town and this part of Osaka itself.

When I mentioned this, Okuni, Iishi and Maeda-san said they would meet with me again! It is almost a tradition!

May 2017 Shiga meet

Nov 2018 Osaka/Kyoto meet

I got off the Rapi:T express at Namba station. I had decided to stay near Dotonbori. Okuni and Iishi-san met me there. As we were headed to my rental, Maeda-san joined us.

After dropping off my luggage, we headed for Kuromon Market for some food.

Then we headed for Den Den town.  This was Osaka’s answer to Akihabara. It was a place for anime, manga and toys. I was looking for Gacha, used toys and pokemon cards for my kids. I was also looking for the New Leopard model by Aoshima.

As we searched the various shops, we reached Joshin Super Kids Land. Went to the 2nd floor and boom!!!!


Goal accomplished!!! But then I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!


Then the 1/43 models


and Choro Q

It was cool to see the sets of Leopards available.


We explored Namba Parks Garden and went to get some dinner.