WL 2019 Day 2

The next day I wasn’t going to be meeting with anyone (initially, that changed), so I decided to go around Osaka.

My plan was to visit the Nunobiki waterfalls that were behind Shin-Kobe station. A 15 minute Shinkansen ride took me to me from Shin-Osaka to Shin-Kobe.

After trying to figure out how to get behind the station, I succeeded.


Nunobiki Falls

After that quick hike, I headed back to Shin-Osaka, explored there a bit and then went to Osaka station. Did some shopping. I also saw a few leopards! With one being a Tomica rotating display!


I then headed to the HEP 5 Wheel and rode it.


I then got a message Uchida-san saying if we could meet up tonight after he gets off work. I said that was no problem. I had brought some gifts for him. He told me it would be later in the evening. I told him I am not meeting anyone else, so we can meet. I was almost tempted to go to Nagoya and look around.

I headed back to Den Den town to explore more of the back alleys. I then went around Dotonbori when it started to pick up for evening rush.

I met with Uchida-san in Dotonbori and we had some dinner. We’ve always talked and communicated, but it is usually at an event or online. This was the first time it was just us. I gave him his gifts and gave him an extra seat switch that Renny gave me.


He tested out the seat switch and it was good!