Wandering Leopard: Project Leopard recovery and Project leopard Revival

This was kinda kept secret, but only because I didn’t know what to do with the car. Once Roger V hooked me up with Roberto (Marco/SR20 store owner’s son) it lead me down a path that I didn’t think would be where it is. I eventually called Marco and he was good with bringing the car to the store.

I was trying to work out logistics and Jon said he could tow it down to the SR20 store and we just had to cordinate times. I would fly down to LAX, get my rental and drive to the SR20 Store in Gardena

This would mark my 3rd trip to LA this year

Once it was set, Sunday December 22nd. I also hit up a few people to tell them I’d be there. I’ve only talked to Marco and Jon on the phone. I have met with Edrik 3 times ( last time was earlier this year) and Roger V (earlier this year too) and Ozzy (a few months ago).

When I arrived, The M30 was being unloaded


The motor was in the back of the truck and we just man handled it.


Conversations and cars.

But when we all got together, it was amazing because it was kind of a like an F31 convergence. The interest in the car and cars in general was interesting and the dynamic of the small group was powerful. Marco hasn’t seen an M30 in 5yrs, suddenly there are 3 at his shop. Additionally, he couldn’t believe the state of the car had gone so bad, but said he was glad to have it back.


While we were all talking, Marco pulled out the dope as cars!!!

There was a lot of business to get down to and money to be paid!


Which brings me to this. I’m gonna do a page dedicated the the Project Leopard (which Project Car Magazine called it).


Project Leopard Revival page