Wandering Leopard spots 2019!

I has been kind of an interesting year. I’ll do a retrospection.. but just in general, pretty cool.

I met a ton of people and hung out in a few places.

March 2019

RADwood Sonoma – 


Malik and I met after.


May 2019

LAX Night files. Met with Edrik and Roger V. Infiniti dealership challenge.

LAX Night Files – summary


Wandering Leopard Japan

Wandering Leopard: Japan 2019 pt 1 summary



June 2019 – Vancouver BC (3x in Canada)

VK Canada (BC and Alberta)


July 2019 Seattle/ Vancouver BC/Victoria BC


Wandering Leopard in the Garden, BC


Drove the convertible to Canada. On the way up, stop by to see the Leopard and drove it.


Then met with Jim and Albert



Vert in Vancouver BC


Goleop in Victoria BC


Speed Hero



August 2019 Golden Ears Park, BC

Wandering Leopard – BC Prowl – Leopard with the Golden Ears




VANKulture BBQ at the Spanish Banks



August 2019 – Pebble Beach

Japanese Automotive Invitational 2019


September 2019 – JCCS – Long Beach

Wandering Leopard (shark) in Long Beach 2019



October 2019 – Shukai, Japantown San Jose

7th annual Shukai in Japantown – San Jose 2019


Adam S.


October – Impromptu meet up in SF 2019

Impromptu F31 meet up in San Francisco


November 2019 – Thanksgiving Trip to Vancouver BC

The Sienna was driven up and drove through the snow in Northern California.

But I couldn’t let it all get to me.

Met with my VK brothers and drove a RHD MT Hiace


I worked on the convertible. Replaced the broken glass, new battery, drove it. pushed the dent out a bit and got a rain resistent cover before the week of rain.


#YEAROFTHEVERT Worked on the vert


And right before Christmas


Wandering Leopard: Project Leopard recovery and Project leopard Revival


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