#YEAROFTHEVERT Worked on the vert

It’s been 3 months since I was in Vancouver BC (summer time). This was when my window was busted out in a random act.

I acquired another rear quarter glass to replace the one that was broken. My brother in law has a garbage bag taped up to cover the whole. He also informed me that the car’s battery is dead.

I knew I had limited time on this car when I arrived. So first, I bought a battery at Lordco Auto parts. Installed it and started up the car. Later I drove it to my other brother in law’s place, which was in the lower garage. I worked on the rear quarter class install.

After we got the window installed, this window had the messed up/broken nylon pieces.. but I couldn’t worry about that now.


About a month ago, when I confirmed I would be going to BC for the Thanksgiving week/weekend, I decided to buy a porta-power hydraulic frame straightener.

The driver side door was heavily bent and the door wouldn’t open. I wanted to see how far I could push the porta-power to push the dent out.

I knew the door card would be destroyed (I do have a couple spares), but it was necessary to go to where some of the damage was. I set up a few pushes and it was amazing to see it push the dent out!!! I then realized, I will need to cut some of the inside of the door to even get to where the real damaged are would be.

Would that be enough? My hope was to push out as much as possible to see if the door would open and it still wouldn’t open.

I also didn’t have the spare door there (it’s in Washington state), so I didn’t want to remove the door and be stuck with not being able to install the new door or close the damaged one once it opens.

At this point, I decided to stop working on it.

The door was “better” and the driver side glass wasn’t as open. So that was good.

The car was parked under a tree, so it was dirty. Inside, was wet, but since it was cold, the small puddle of water was frozen. Once it was warmed, up I decided to try and get out what I could.

Upon driving it back to where it was, the driver side glass rolled down all the way. Unfortunately, it didn’t want to go all the way up. So I had to leave it down.

The forecast for the week was gonna be rain and my vert has taken in a lot of water. I decided to get a tarp to cover, but found a water resistant car cover at Walmart and bought that instead.


I hope it holds during the winter.

  1. Replaced the rear quarter glass
  2. Pushed out the dent
  3. New battery
  4. New car cover

I still didn’t get a chance to do a tune up on the car. I hope to get it going in the future. Maybe next month.