#YEAROFTHEVERT Rear quarter glass nylon pieces

One of the most common issues with the M30 convertible is the rear quarter glass not going down.

This is due to the nylon guides at the base of the rear quarter glass being damaged.

M30 convertible repair


One thing that Jim pointed out to me was even if we got replacements, how do we put them back on. Well, This is where the research has to go.

While my rear quarter glass was functioning normally before being broken, I needed to make this negative into a positive.

After I installed a new rear quarter window, I was able to take the base of the broken rear quarter glas. The nylon pieces are intact, but this is also a way to do some R&D of replacing the nylon sliders and also find a way to reinstall from the base.


I don’t think it’s an issue to come up with something close to the nylon sliders, but definitely how to install and keep them in place.