Wandering Leopard in the Garden, BC

Heading to Canada in a few days. I’m super excited. My family and I will visit Victoria Island and see the Butchart Gardens.

The picture came from a leopard that attacked a manager of a tea garden (update: unfortunately there have been incidences of leopards killing people in that tea garden in India – my condolences to those families and I am not trying to make light of their situations).

But before I head to Canada, I’ll be driving the Convertible there. It’s been 7 months since I’ve driven the car and I’m too excited.

My timeline for the vert has been delayed by 5 months. I was hoping to get everything done back in January or February, but there was a delay in paperwork. Only recently did the vert get registered.. but the damage to the door is still there.

I’ve been gathering stuff for the vert.

I found the boot at the junkyard and that had to be cleaned up pretty well (people were stepping on it for about a month), also saved a dash cover from an other M30 a couple years back.

One of the issues is the climate control doesn’t work. I saved this one a while back and hope that it works when I swap it with the non functional unit in my Vert.

Additionally, I got another set of Stagea cup holders for the vert.


One of the goals I set a few months back was to drive the M30 vert to Canada and take pictures of it. I was hoping that it would be fixed, but it is what it is. I can’t pass the opportunity.

BC has beautiful backgrounds with both urban and nature. So to celebrate the year of the vert, I wanted to take pictures.

Originally, the plan was to get the vert fixed and the Saturday, participate in RADwood in Seattle (or Tacoma), but that day was planned for Victoria.

Expect to see some great pictures!!!